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Pat Scherven's story

I am so thrilled to be able to share with you products that reflect my highest priority every day – healthful living in mind, body and spirit.

This brilliant line of skin care products incorporates only the purest of ingredients, and is the result of my years-long search for the right combination of quality, texture and benefits. It’s what I like to call nourishing care.

Like so many people, I didn’t always understand, or even know about, the potentially serious health ramifications associated with many of the ingredients in creams, lotions, cosmetics and other products that we apply to our skin.

My 32 years in the health care industry, however, have provided me a strong foundation, as well as the vision to explore breakthroughs and innovations that promote a healthy approach to beautiful, glowing skin.

Over the past 15 years I have owned Skin Therapease, a skin care and rejuvenation clinic in Wayzata, Minnesota. Working with thousands of clients, I have found that patients who reduce additives, not only in food, but in personal care products, experience the benefits of improved skin quality in addition to better all-around quality of life.

Now, with my PSScherven skin care system, I am reaching out with products that will help skin thrive and also make this planet a safer place to live. Application by soothing application, each one will nurture your skin while keeping it free of gluten, dairy products and harsh chemicals.

I wish you and your skin the very best of health.

Pat Scherven

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